Santa Monica

Santa Monica, located near Los Angeles, CA, is the place to be if you want to be near the ocean. Plus, it’s on the west side of the city, which means travelling around the city will be just a touch easier thanks to the reverse commute.

In addition to being a popular vacation spot, this coastal community is also home to a diverse population of famous people, surfers, and hippies. While most people come here purely for the beach, and it is an excellent beach, there are lots of other things to do in the neighborhood.

The iconic Santa Monica Pier is a lively destination with arcades, shops, outdoor theaters, and live music. Just underneath it is an aquarium which provides educational talks and hands-on activities that are excellent for families. Santa Monica is known for its high hotel rates; those on a tighter budget may find more favorable accommodations on the nearby Venice Beach.

You’ll be in close proximity to LA’s premier beach. One of the best things about Santa Monica is the farmers market. The section along Montana Avenue is one of our favorite stretches in LA, with all sorts of pubs, restaurants, and shopping that is worth a visit.

Santa Monica State Beach is a 3.5-mile long expanse of sand that is great for sunbathing or indulging in water sports. A long promenade with arcades, shops, and restaurants, Santa Monica Pier is not to be missed. While you’re here, swing by Pacific Park, the amusement park on Santa Monica Pier. Amazing views of the sea can be seen from the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. Palisades Park is 25 acres of greenery by Santa Monica Beach. It provides amazing views of the beach and pathways for walking, running, or bicycling.

Santa Monica’s Venice Beach is well-known for its array of unique t-shirt stores and colorful street entertainers. Visit Muscle Beach to see bodybuilders in action before an audience of onlookers. Go for a stroll along the waterways of Venice, where you may see ducks and paddle boarders enjoying the calm waters.

Visit the Santa Monica Farmers Market for some local, organic produce. One of the best farmers markets in LA, with stalls piled high with fresh vegetables from reliable local growers. You’ll be shopping for groceries at the same place where A-listers and culinary heavyweights do. It is open Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8 am to 1 pm.

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